Late Autumn Colour

Strawflowers or Paper Daisies (Helichrysum bracteatum)

It certainly feels like Autumn here now but the Paper Daisies in my garden have other ideas. They are still flowering, keeping summer going through all the wind and rain. Perhaps that is why I’ve been working so hard to draw them. The weather isn’t nice enough to sketch outdoors at the moment, so I have rescued some stems and put them in a jar in my studio. I have drawn, painted and doodled pages and pages of them in my sketchbook. There are colour studies, sketches that explore form, and even cartoons. These blooms are taking over.

Even their explosions into seed are beautiful.
Spikes of flowers and compact buds.

Finally these sketches have developed into a new artist book with the working title, “Summer Garden.” It isn’t finished yet but hopefully, with a bit of hard work, over the next few days it will be. So, keep checking back, there should be some new things to see.

Interior of “Summer Garden,” showing cosmos and strawflowers.

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